Equal Opportunities Policy

People are the foundation of the School’s success and the quality of our academic, research, professional and support staff. The School of Maritime and Industrial Studies is committed to respecting the uniqueness of members of the academic community and believes in equal opportunities by promoting an inclusive culture. Our goal is to eliminate discrimination and harassment without exclusions, but by incorporating good practices in teaching, learning, and evaluation with good management practices, through the development of a code of best practices, policies, and training, believing that a different person and student body strengthens, facilitates and enhances our students’ learning procedure.

For this reason, the members of the academic community not only enjoy but at the same time respect the right to equal treatment, free from discrimination based on nationality, race, origin, language, sex, religion, age, health, physical fitness, economic or social status, sexual orientation, as these phenomena run counter to the freedom of speech, thought, and expression we advocate.