University Life

School of Maritime and Industrial Studies provides an academic environment both at the central and the regional Facilities fully integrated in the urban area of the greater city of Piraeus, which, ergo, allows the development of skills that are bound to motivate and actuate current students and tomorrow professionals to achieve the goals and their dreams. However, life at the University is not confined to the academic education of students, as active socio-political life is a cornerstone and a key feature of student life. It is a space that offers the possibility and tools for personal development through interaction in a multicultural environment and thus constitute a contributing factor to enhancing the sense of belonging.

Students originated from a variety of backgrounds come not only to pursue academic and career paths but also to broaden their horizons and build strong bonds, which irrefutably contribute to the common good. Located in Piraeus, the largest industrial center and port of the country, the School of Maritime and Industrial Studies tends to familiarize students with the field of shipping and industry, transforming the city of study into an extension of the University space.